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Dichter Wald

Conscious Connected Breathwork

is a powerful technique involving deep, cyclical breathing without pauses.

This technique may facilitate deeper access to subconscious processes, potentially leading to the integration of unconscious material and the release of physical, emotional and mental blockages. 


Why breath?

Imagine your breath as a communication channel between your mind and body. Consciously focusing on your breath during connected breathwork can bring awareness to your physical sensations, thoughts and emotions. By paying attention to the breath and allowing the body to move freely, you may experience emotional catharsis, leading to a sense of release and emotional well-being.


Let your breath be your compass.

This journey has the potential to unlock hidden parts of yourself and empower you to create positive change.

The group setting offers a powerful platform for growth. Fostering connection and reducing isolation creates a safe space to explore your unique path.

Workshop Duration: 4 hours

Investment: 120 CHF

Language: english

Next Workshop: 08.June 2024 14:00-18:00


Private session

While group breathwork can be transformative, there are times when a more private approach is ideal. Private sessions provide a safe and confidential space for you to explore your inner world. Free from external pressure, you can delve into your emotions and release built-up tension, supporting you on your journey to greater self-awareness.

Private Session Duration: 2 hours

Investment: 250 CHF

Language: english

Breathwork Facilitator

I'm Valeria, a certified breathwork therapist. I was trained in India under the guidance of Shiran Michaeli, a highly respected practitioner with over 20 years of experience in the field. His holistic approach of health - that sees humans as a mind-body-emotion network, aiming for well-being in all aspects - has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to effectively guide others in their breathwork journeys.



​Breathwork offers a range of benefits, however, certain health conditions or recent medical events may require caution. If you have any concerns, consult me before starting your breathwork journey.

  • Pregnancy

  • Pre-existing health concerns

  • Mental health considerations

  • Recent medical events

  • Circulatory issues



The Breathwork Journey Starts Here!

To ensure a safe experience for all participants, everyone who registers will receive a health declaration form shortly. Completing this form helps us personalize your breathwork experience. We'll review your responses promptly and let you know if there's any additional information needed.

We look forward to welcoming you on your journey!

Valeria & DPC Team

Thank you!

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